Colostrum & Sport Studies

Faster Recovery - Enhanced Performance

Colostrum is a natural supplement without side effects for individuals looking for enhanced athletic ability and muscular growth. Body builders and athletes do not need to rely upon massive doses of potentially harmful and expensive hormones to obtain enhancement.

Colostrum is a rich source of natural growth factors. Colostrum contains Insulin-like Growth Factor I and II ( IGF-I and IGF-II) which are pro-insulin hormones which have anabolic effects. Both bovine and human colostrum growth factors have demonstrated the ability to stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit protein degradation (Francis).TGF-1 is a peptide (amino acid chain) which resembles the hormone insulin. It is the main catalyst to begin muscle cell division after meals. As insulin moves sugar and amino acids into muscle tissue, the hypothalamus and pituitary secrete growth hormone which in turn stimulates an increased uptake of nutrients by muscles and causes the liver to release IGF-I which stimulates growth of tissues by increasing the number of cells (Burke).The IGF-I in bovine colostrum contains the identical amino acid segment on the front of the bovine molecule which, when split by digestive acids in the human stomach, releases a molecule identical to human IGF-I (Burke). Bovine Colostrum contains one of the highest concentrations of IGF-I available in nature

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